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Like most boys, I guess, I was absolutely fascinated by remote controlled cars, boats and especially planes. I remember my first experience with it back in the early 80’s. I think I got it for my birthday and it was a nice red sport car. I loved playing around with it and it surely must have been the envy of my street (I would like to think that anyway;). For some strange reason it favored turning right though. This tiny, yet huge, flaw obviously made an impact on the whole experience. 

Anyway, the years went by and last year I got the camera I’ve spoken about before. I think that I always have the camera in mind in some way when I’m outside. Always go around, subconsciously, looking for something worth taking a picture of. This brings me back to what was written above. On the way to my mother’s I’ve noticed I go by a small raceway park for remote controlled cars. One day I brought my trusted Sony companion along and tried a few shots. It was amazingly difficult! I think I took something like 150 pictures and only a handful of them turned out to be ok. Let me just sum it up that those cars went a lot faster than my old toy;)