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This picture makes me think of that hilarious and classic Monty Python sketch “Four Yorkshiremen” where some old guys sit around a table and brag about their various difficult pasts. They’re letting everybody know how good today’s youth has it compared to how they were brought up. My point is that, for good or bad, television plays a major part in, I guess, most peoples lives nowadays. I actually lived a couple of years without even owning a set and it was absolutely great. I felt so free and had plenty of time going to the gym, meeting friends or doing whatever I wanted. A while ago though I succumbed to the masses and bought a tv, mainly for watching dvd’s. Once in a while when I have friends over we have the tv on in the background and it almost depresses me to see the crappy quality of, for example, the reality shows and don’t even get me started on all the commercial breaks!;) I feel I could continue a long time on that subject but don’t worry, I won’t;)

The picture was taken in December last year in the centre of Lund. What you see was part of a bigger project for bringing light to an otherwise dark month. The statue is obviously a permanent one, only the tv and the lights are from the exhibit. I especially like how they reach towards the tv as if in reverence to their god… Sorry, the tv;)