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By now it should come as no surprise to you that I like the ocean. I realize that I’ve already posted quite a few pictures of it. I put my hope that you bare with me on this and enjoy the pictures as much as I do because there will be more of them:)

This was taken when I was out with a friend of mine. E had just bought a new camera and we were out testing it. We didn’t have that much time on our hands since we got out pretty late and the light fades quickly in January, at least here in Sweden.  The time issue left us with only one real option and that was the west coast. To be more exact the small town of Bjärred. Close to this town they have what must be one of Sweden’s longest bridges, I kid you not. It feels like you’re walking forever in order to get to the tip of it. On our epic journey to the tip of it we had an almost arctic wind blowing straight through us and it was actually hard holding the camera still because of it.

When returning to land and thawing up a bit we found a much nicer spot where the wind couldn’t reach us and this is where this picture was taken. I think that the construction out in the water is the remnants of an old bridge with the winch for lifting boats still attached to it. In the background you can see the city lights of Malmoe and if you’re x-ray vision is in operating mode you can just make out the Turning torso which is by far the coolest building in Malmoe.

I’m actually quite pleased with this picture. What’s left of the bridge is in my opinion what makes the picture combined with the nice blue shade of the water and sky. What do you think? :)