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Once again we make a stop in the botanical gardens of Lund. If you missed what I wrote when the previous picture was published it was a really cold winter day.  The sun was out and you could actually feel its warmth on your cheeks a little but never the less it was good to come inside the greenhouses.

For obvious reasons there isn’t that much to say about the picture. As I walked around inside there I noticed some huge leaves on a tree and I thought they looked really nice with the sun shining on, and through them. I had some trouble at first because there was some kind of mysterious draft causing the leaves to move which made it hard to get good focus on the pictures. I ended up taking something like 10 pictures with the hope that one or two of them would turn out to be ok.

Once again I wish I had a macro objective for the camera. It would have been so much fun experimenting in those greenhouses because they are absolutely full of beautiful, and in many cases, very odd looking flowers and plants.

The last couple of days have been really cold and windy. I don’t know about you but I like the sight of some greenery even though it is in a picture on a computer. It makes me think about spring. I do long for taking a walk in the nature without so much clothes on or that first cup of tea at an outdoor café.

please press picture for the best quality.