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First of all let me say thank you. I started this blog on the 19th of January. It has not even gone ten days since then and I have already had more hits than I would dream possible after such a short while. So, once again thank you to all you who have visited me so far and an extra little thanks goes out to those who has written comments;)

I’ll continue on the same track with daily pictures and the occasional song/video and I do hope that you will continue to honor me with your visits.

Today’s picture is, as you can see, somewhat edited in photoshop. I think almost all pictures on the web have some editing behind them. I would say that they at least have been cropped to a suitable size, perhaps enhanced colors and better contrast etc. This one has however a little more work on it. First of all I marked the flower and the butterfly. After that I inverted the marking. The next step was to desaturate the grass leaving only the flower and butterfly in color. After that I played around with levels and contrast on both areas.

Playing is the right word to use here because that is just what I do. I try something and see what happens. More often than not something totally weird and unexpected happens but even from them I (hopefully;) learn something.

For me, that is the fun part with cameras and taking pictures. First being out taking them of course, then coming home and see how they actually turned out and finally what they look like when they have gone through photoshop. There is always room for improvements and that’s what I enjoy about it and also what motivates me to continue.