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Last summer I was in Kraków with my girlfriend. Kraków is a charming city and is frequently called the cultural capital of Poland. There are lots of things to see and do, both inside of town and in the close vicinity of it.

Even though much has happened in Poland the last couple of years or so I get the feeling that they are still behind, for example, us in Sweden. The living standard seems to be not as high as for us and there is much to be said about house facades and things like that (not that it in any way makes Kraków less interesting or beautiful). The most neglected part of the city is without a doubt the part we chose to live in. We had already from the beginning set our eyes on a little historical district in the center of Kraków which is called Kazimierz. This is where a thriving Jewish community lived until the 2nd world war.

Being in Kazimierz is of course impossible without feeling the impact of its sad history. Whetheryou walk on one of all the small and narrow streets, sit in a café or just browsing a bookstore, history is always present and there are times when you can almost hear faint screams or a child’s cry in the distance. There is no way of ever understanding or being able to cope with what happened here not so long ago and Kazimierz does the only thing available to them: Embrace its history and showing to the world what happened here, to never let us forget.

I won’t dig any deeper in that now and I especially don’t want to make this sound all bad, quite the opposite. It is a truly lovely small city within a city and we really liked being there. I am confident I’ll return as soon as possible.

The picture below is from Kazimierz, not far from where we lived. There are, at least, three pigeons in the picture. Can you find them?;)