A new week has begun and here’s a new song to get you started! At least that’s what I would have wanted to write but I realize that this isn’t an upbeat song in any way whatsoever. What is it then? It’s the beautiful theme song from the movie Black hawk down.

 I love this song and the two singers who I think have beautiful voices and I admit I have used it on way too many of my classes at the gym but I just can’t help myself;)

The male singers name is Denez Prigent and he sings in Breton which is a Celtic language. For those of you out there who are interested of what they sing about here are the translated lyrics:  

I’m Waiting I was waiting, waiting for a long time, in the dark shadow of grey towers

In the dark shadow of rain towers, you will see me waiting forever

One day it will come back, over the seas, over the lands

Over the lands, over the seas, to steal me on the trunks

It will come back full of spray, in the dark shadow of the black towers

Will come back the blue wind, to breathe my wounded heart

I will be pulled away by its blow, far away by its stream to another land

I will be pulled away by its breath, far away by its stream, wherever it wants

Wherever it wants, far away from this world, between the sea and the stars