This week’s track is called “Sejerø Sangen” and is sung by Pia & Ole. I would like to dedicate it to a lovely island outside of the Danish west coast of Sealand. It’s called Sejerø and has truly been a hidden gem for me until now. My girlfriends parents where kind enough to invite me along with them for their weekend trip and I’m really thankful for that.

We left from Copenhagen early in the morning on Saturday and a boat (naturally) took us over a calm sea to the harbor where we met up with my girlfriend’s parents. After a small breakfast we began our first day. Now is perhaps a good time to mention that Sejerø is a very small island and is therefore best seen and experienced by bike or by foot. We had chosen the latter of the two and the first day was spent on exploring the northern part of the island.

We immediately realized that this was a very beautiful part of Denmark. The fields where green and yellow and the trees had that crisp light green color they have during the spring. Everywhere we looked we saw animals of some kind and it was amazingly peaceful. One thing that was fantastic was the lack of background sounds. There were no cars, no factories and no other sounds apart from those the birds and the sea made as it hit the shore in gentle waves. It worries me a bit that we have to travel to a silent place in order to hear the constant background noizes we normally never notice…

In some way it made me think of the “garden of Eden” with this peaceful tranquility. A thing that only enhanced this feeling of mine was that on this island there were no predators. The animals living there didn’t have to fear anything whether we’re talking about a deer or the birds with their nests directly on the ground.

The island is as I said quite small but that doesn’t stop it from having lots of small “mountains” which we of course climbed. All of them had a lovely view over the sea and/or the island itself. I think we spent close to six hours on the roads and fields that day and it was a rather exhausted gang that finally entered the Sejerø kro for a great dinner. To my “horror” the card game Uno was brought along. This is a game that is very easy to learn but it’s still impossible for me to win against my girlfriend;) Fortunately for me;) we were all too tired to play and we hit the sacks directly after dinner.

The second day was devoted to the southern part of the island. The weather was perhaps not as sunny but still great. The two parts of the island are a bit different in nature so it was just as impressive to see this as the northern part from the previous day.

All in all it was a lovely weekend. A wonderful island to explore, seeing lots of animals, none of the noises that we take for granted these days and last, but definitely not least, great company. With all these parts combined, what could be wrong?:)

I will of course post pictures from the trip so please come back for that:)

Tip: As you start the video please press “HD” in the lower right corner of the player and after that press fullscreen button beside it and you will see the pictures on the entire screen. Some of the pictures will suffer a bit from this since I worked with a lower resolution in photoshop but I still think the experience will be better that way. Many of the pictures will be back in better quality later on.