Last weekend I was given an electric citrus juicer by my dear mother. At first my girlfriend and I kind of questioned the necessity of having one of those when I already have one , although that one features a much weaker “motor”, i.e. me;)

But then I tried it and from that moment on I saw no reason to ever use the old one again. It’s not that it’s hard to use one that operates manually but with the electric one you get all the yummy orange pulp as well. When finished all that is left is the peel of the orange and, eventually,  an empty glass:)

It has come to the point that I’m seriously thinking about calling Malmborgs and have them double their order on oranges because I crave and need my daily dose;)

Anyway, enough about that. The photo below shows the wonderful view close to Gilleleje with the sea some 20 meters below.