Yesterday my girlfriend and I came home from a lovely weekend spent in Berlin. We were there visiting a close friend of my girlfriend and her family. I’ve been in Berlin before but since that was back in the nineties this was indeed like coming there for the first time. Let me first of all tell you that I was truly amazed of what we experienced during our brief stay there. We visited museums and lots of other places but what I think I liked the most was the city itself. We learnt from our fantastic hosts that almost a fifth of Berlin is covered with parks and trees which, to me, makes the big city feel a bit smaller and a whole lot friendlier that other cities made of concrete and asphalt. I’m sure that I’ll get back to this during the weeks to come because I have a lot of pictures to show you from the trip.

With the first pictures from Berlin I decided that it was best to dedicate an entire category for the town and what way to better celebrate that than by showing a very typical scene in Berlin. The red and green guys with the big hats are called Ampelmann, or Ampelmännchen, in plural. They are some of the few survivors of the former communistic East Germany and if you ask me I think they are absolutely adorable and I only wish we had them in Sweden as well:)  

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