For a long, long time I’ve wanted to see the flak towers of Berlin. Back in 1940 three enormous concrete towers were built as a last defence against Allied air raids. Due to the massive 3,5 meters thick walls some parts of them remain to this day. We visited Flakturm number III which is situated in Humboldthain. This is also the one that has been best preserved. Seeing it made a big impression on me and I can only imagine what an impression it must have made on the 30.000 civilans who used it as a shelter during the final battle of Berlin.

Today trees and bushes covers much of the tower and the view from it but the construction looks more or less the same as it did more than seventy years ago. Today it is mainly a place for reflection, perhaps a game of chess on the many benches or climbing the high and steep walls of the old fortress.

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