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A while ago I posted a few pictures from Hohenschönhausen which is the name of the Stasi headquarters and prison in former East Berlin. Today’s pictures show the long hallway with the thick isolated doors to the interrogating rooms open. I would imagine some pretty horrible things took place behind those doors. The second picture shows one of the standing cells in the dark and dank cellar in the bottom of the big building. I tried “standing” in it for a couple of seconds. I couldn’t stand upright because of my height so I had to crouch which wasn’t easy at all because of the walls that enclosed the cell. I would estimate the cell to have a depth of roughly 40 centimeters and a height of probably 160 centimeters.

Standing in there for 15 seconds made my body hurt all over and I can’t even begin to understand how it must have felt standing in there for many, many hours. Crouching with all of your body weight on bent and hurting legs. A weak body due to lack of food and water. An exhausted and tired mind because of perhaps years of mental and physical abuse with only a small hole in the bottom of the door for air. In the dark. Alone.

I don’t think you ever recover from that.

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