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Today is a rather special day here on the blog. I started Gatsten on the 19th of January back in 2009 and today the one thousandth post gets published! I have never strived to post only perfect or extraordinary pictures. No, the idea has always been to show you something from my life and what happens around me. A sort of diary with pictures if you will:)

Looking back at statistics shows that some 25.300 persons have visited me over the years. In the grand scheme of things this is perhaps not the most impressive number but I think it’s ok. The most visitors that I’ve had on a single day is close to 400 but the average day would probably be around 25-30 unique visitors. That last number is what makes this so much fun. I love showing you a picture or playing a tune for you and I‘d like to thank you all for visiting me and keep on coming back:)