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Today we take a look at a new category here on Gatsten. A while ago I saw a cool picture while browsing some photo page and decided that was something I wanted to try out. I tried to google it and finally learned something about it. In order to get the desired effect a new lens, called a tilt shift, was however needed. That made me give up on that project but yesterday I found a new page that actually recommended using a normal lens and creating the effect in Photoshop later on. That started up some activity over here and after some trial and error I think I got the basics of it:)

So what’s so special about it? Well, as you hopefully can see, the lower and upper part of the picture gets a rather heavy lens blur rendering thus creating the effect of a miniature world. I think the technique is rather cool and you’ll be seeing some old favorites of mine being re-touched in this category. I hope you approve:)

It needs to be seen in its full size so please press.