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Just outside the village of Langemark lies a cemetery quite different from most other ones around the Ypres areas. The difference? At Langemark fallen Germans have been buried. The flowers and the white tombstones and of the allied forces have here been replaced by grass, bushes and simple black stone crosses. The contrast was striking and both my girlfriend and I found this one more “beautiful, unpolished and real” if any words could describe what we felt.

More than 44.000 thousand soldiers rest here, amongst those some 3.000 students. They were thrown into battle with very little training and suffered severe casualties when they made a futile frontal attack on allied positions near Langemark. They were all killed by experienced French infantry and British riflemen which has given the cemetery the second name of the “Student cemetery” in Germany.

Just In the surroundings of Langemark another 14 German cemeteries can be found. Please press to see the photos in their original sizes.

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The fallen

The fallen

The cemetery is also the resting place of two English soldiers.