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Yesterday Rikke and I went on a real adventure close to Ängelholm. We drove there in search of something very special but first I have to tell you about a man named Gösta Carlsson.  Now, there’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of this local legend but I bet that you won’t forget him after reading this.

Why? Well. Gösta was born in 1918 and died in 2003 and is probably best known for taking a local ice hockey team called Rögle to the highest series in Sweden. What I didn’t know about the man until I read about him in a book given to me on my birthday by my father is that he’s one of very few, if not the only one, on earth that has seen a real UFO and met real aliens. Not only that, they actually travelled through the endless depth of the universe to tell him their secret recipe of how to crack open  flower pollen and extracting some seriously healthy pieces for making some kind of medicine.

What?! You don’t believe me or him? Well, please let me convince you by showing pictures taken from the actual landing site. Some years after the meeting Gösta went public with his extraterrestrial encounter and a monument was built (in a scale of 1/8). I could go on with more facts but I think I will let the evidence speak for itself and leave you with saying that we aren’t alone in the universe after all;)

The Ufo

The UFO itself. The word UFO in the background shows an unlucky tree who got in the way of something hot or dangerous from the UFO’s hot engine.

The grave

The UFO grave: We discussed at length what this could mean and how it can relate to the UFO but came up with nothing. Any ideas?

The Ufo

The UFO from another angle. In front of it you can just make out imprints in the ground from the original ship’s size and shape.

The propeller

The final picture shows a closeup of the propeller? One would think that a high-tech UFO from another galaxy would have some kind of crazy-efficiant way to travel those mind-bogglingly crazy distances naturally associated with space travelling but what do I know?