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The better part of yesterday was spent in Copenhagen where R and I visited friends. Earlier this year, when I had my birthday, I was given a tour of Copenhagen by bike for present. Yesterday was the day that this happened and it sure was a great day! Bike truly is a great way to experience and get to know a city. You can see quite a bit of it and, whenever you feel like it, it’s easy to make a stop. We did quite a few of those but I’ll talk about them another day. Today we take a look at a conference hotel which I’ve been following the construction of for a couple of years. It is situated in Ørestad and is easily seen from the passing traffic on the railway nearby.

Bella Sky is actually the largest hotel in Scandinavia with 814 rooms but what makes it so special is its beautiful design. It consists of two towers which reach 76.5 metres up with an inclination of 15° in opposite directions. The two towers couldn’t be built any higher due to restrictions determined by the proximity of Kastrup Airport and the tilting design chosen to optimize views. It’s indeed worth a visit if you’re in the neighborhood.

Once again,thank you for a lovely day J, L, A & S :)

Bella Sky