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If you take the train from Lund towards Copenhagen and step off at Kastrup, the airport of Copenhagen, you find yourself  only a short walk from a huge and really beautiful aquarium called Den Blå Planet. If you haven’t visited it already I really recommend a trip there. Within it you can see some great aquariums and, of course, fishes in all shapes and colors.
If you please forgive me I’d also like to boast a little. The patch of rain forest which can be found at the very center of Den Blå Planet, is actually built by my wife’s, brother-in-law.
Now as for the pictures below. I visited the place with my wife and son and had no time to take pictures indoors so all I can show you are a couple of pictures of what the outside looks like. I like it a lot but what can’t be seen in my photos it that it is shaped like a giant whirlpool. The inside you’ll have to experience the old-fashioned way: by foot.