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I haven’t posted many movies here before. In fact, if  my memory serves me correctly, this should be but the second or third one. With that in my mind, and especially if you see the clip, it should be obvious that I need some serious practise with shooting anything else but ordinary photos. Or a lot.
The movie was shot with a small compact camera, Panasonic DMC-TZ40, in it’s slowmotion mode: 200 frames per second.
In August last year we visited the northern part of Jutland and, as a guy who really loves big waves, I was in seventh heaven. A storm had just taken place somewhere out to sea and the result was quite spectacular for a person used to the inch or so high waves of Öresund in Sweden/Denmark.
Please have a look and try not to judge me too hard. In order to view it in a bigger size, please press the video and go to Vimeos own site.