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The nickname for the building below is The Walkie-Talkie but its actual name is the same as where it can be found: 20 Fenchurch Street. This 160 meter high skyscraper is a commercial building with different companies as tenants. It was completed in spring 2014 and costed over 200 million Pounds to construct.
I find it beautiful and the architecture really makes it stand out, even in a city such as London. However. During the final stages of the construction unforseen problems arose in the form of  a solar glare issue. It was discovered that, for up to two hours a day, the building acts as a concave mirror which focuses the sun’s light onto the streets to the south. In those areas the spot temperature rose to well over 90 °C during the summer of 2013. The beam of light was up to six times brighter than ordinary sunlight and damaged parked cars on the street nearby. This made the media naming the building The Fryscraper. To get rid of the problem a permanent awning was installed.

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